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Roofing Awareness / Inspection Process

Did you know?

To keep repairs to a minimum cost and extend the life of your roof, you should inspect it twice a year to maintain the condition of your roof and extend its life.

You should keep track of all inspections, repairs and questions concerning your roof, regardless if the issue has been addressed or not. It is a benefit to know what was a past concern, a repair or now a new issue can help you make an overall assessment of the condition of the roof. If you constantly have to make repairs and the annual costs of these repairs continue to increase, you may want to make a decision to replace your roof to avoid future headache and issues.

When corresponding with a roofing contractor and assessing the financial arrangements needed to replace the roof or make repairs, keep a detailed log of the service used, the name of your contact, the contact's information and any documentation provided. This will allow you to return to your notes to review, to accesses the contact information once again for future work and estimates, as well as have a comparable estimate when comparing quotes.

When conducting an inspection of a Built Up Roof We have collected some additional information that pertains to the inspection of built up roof and the areas which you should make sure you examine to fully benefit from your inspection. Properly conducted inspections will help extend the life of your roof and home. It is imperative that you take the time to walk and inspect the entire surface of your roof, to have the ability to properly assess its condition. Please take advantage of our helpful tips for conducting your own roof inspection.

Helpful Tips When Inspecting a Built Up Roof

Make sure that you check the flashing at all walls, pipes, ventilators and other penetrations. Look for inconsistencies, such as open joints (especially near copings), any type of sagging or missing counter flashing. Keep your eyes open for any tearing caused by building movement. Look for pitch pockets which require refilling due to shrinkage, missing or protruding fasteners.

Pay attention when looking at gravel stops. You want to make sure that there isn't any splitting of the stripping materials.

Pay close attention to areas that are adjacent to any of your expansion joints, keeping a lookout for splitting in joint covers or any type of tearing which can occur due to structure movement.

Ensure that all ventilator hoods, gutters and downspouts are intact and clear of debris.

If it has been over 48 hours since the last rainfall, and you notice any small pools or puddles of water, take note of the area, it may be sagging and require immediate repairs.

Look for unsecured roof penetrations which include such objects as antennas, guy wires, pipes and HVAC curbs.

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