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Roofing Seasonal Tips

Simple Steps to Avoid Costly Roof Repairs due to Rain

Make it a point to review your roof for signs of damage and fatigue. Some fatigue and damage you should look for are: splits and cracks at points of transition and at projections - areas around your vents, stacks, expansion joints, walls and perimeters. When the weather changes outside our roofs expand and contract, these areas are that take the brunt of the building movement.

Look for a build-up of dirt and leaves on the roof and in gutters, scuppers and drains, especially if you have trees around your building. Clogged drains and gutters cause the majority of roof leaks.

Examine metal flashing and make sure they are not missing, and that there are no splits or gaps in joints and lifting.

Make sure that your skylight and moonlights are not damaged. Cracks and dings can grow rapidly with the changing weather. Ensure that the protective glaze on the skylights is still intact.

Look over the rooftop equipment, and make sure the panels are securely attached so when it rains outside, they do not get wet inside.

After you have properly looked over the roof from your rooftop, walk around the perimeter of the building and look up at the siding. Look for any streaking discoloration on siding, paint, stone and brick. Streaking from the top down can indicate that when it rains, water is penetrating the structure and running down the outside walls of the building. While reviewing the perimeter also check for any lifting of the corners.

Now you should look over the underside of the roof, which is your ceiling. This may mean crawling into closed attic space. First look to see if you notice any sunlight making its way into the area through the ceiling. If the sun can get in, more than likely the rain can as well.

Watch for water damaged/stained ceiling tiles, streaks down the walls/drywall, where water may have penetrated into the building.

Once you have completed the rainy weather examination of your roof, make sure to document the damage, concerns and issues you want attention paid to, then schedule a consultation. Taking care of minor roofing issues before they become costly repairs is the best way to avoid a roofing disaster. If you are not able to make the assessment give us a call today and we will be happy to do the assessment for you. Take the precautions needed to ensure that your roof is up to par and up for the job of keeping the weather on the outside of your building.

Summer Weather Tips

Brutal summers, the high temperatures outside, call for some additional cautions to look out for when you are checking for any repairs your roof may need.

If you have a bitumen roof, use caution when examining your roof during the summer. On older bitumen roofs which have been built up or modified, the high temperatures can cause the roof to swell and form "Blisters", you can easily cause these blisters to pop by walking on them, which will invariably result in an immediate leak.

Coal Tar bitumen roofing systems are easily damaged by walking on them when the temperature outside rises. This damage is due to the low softening point of the bitumen. To avoid damaging your roof, conduct the inspection in the early morning, before 9am. The roof will have cooled overnight and will be less likely to be damaged by your weight.

Just as with every season, check and clear all drains and gutters of debris. Clogged drains and gutters are the most common cause of leaks in our roofs.

Even if there is no need to clear debris from the drains, downspouts and gutters, make it a point to re-examine them after heavy rains to insure that they are functioning and draining properly.

Taking proper care of your roof and adjusting to the months and weather we experience can be the best way to insure that your roof is kept and maintained. If you don't have the time or if you are not sure if you are examining your roof thoroughly, let us help, call Alamo Roofing & Metal Co., Inc. today and we will schedule an experienced inspector to examine everything for you. What we do best is helping our customers extend the life of their Roof ... one inspection at a time.

Simple Tips to help avoid costly Roof Repairs due to Winter Weather

It may not happen often, but the severe winter weather on occasion and Before the leaves have stopped falling and the temperatures drop, examine the roof of your home and/or building to ensure that the cold winter air doesn't leave you frost bitten and broke.

At the beginning of every changing season you should always check for an excess, dirt and leaves in all your gutters, vents and drains. Paying notice to this alone will help avoid future expenses for repairs to your roof.

When the temperature drops and we experience a freeze we need to ensure that the cold weather doesn't leave us exposed to all sorts of problems and issues. As much as you want to stay inside, in front of the fire, it is a good idea to periodically check drains and gutters for ice. If you had leaves that built up already, the frozen water when it begins to melt can seep into the building causing damage and money for repairs.

When hard freezes occur, it isn't just the roof you need to worry about. Trees with branches that hang over your roof can often be weighed down when rain freezes on tree branches and leaves. When this happens you run the risk of a heavy tree branch collapsing onto the roof top. If this happens, make sure you thoroughly inspect the roof in its entirety for displaced sheet metal, ballast and fascias, which can occur after strong winds.

If hail is experienced in the area, check for damage after the storm has passed. Your car is not the only valued object damaged by a downpour of hail (regardless of size and extent of time the downpour lasts).

Make note of any changes you notice after harsh weather. If you should have any questions or concerns which pertain to the condition of your roof, please give us a call and we will send one of our experienced inspectors to examine the condition of your roof. Take the precautions needed to ensure that your roof is up to par and up for the job. Let us do what we do best; help you extend the life of your roof and protect your investment for years to come.

Windy Weather Roofing Issues to Lookout For

Strong winds can cause damage to a roof without us even realizing it. Because of this, it is important to look over the entire surface of our home and/or building's roof when the area has experienced winds of more than 40mph.

When the windy weather threatens to blow us all away, wait for the breeze to pass and step onto your roof to begin inspecting it for damages. Look over the perimeters and where there is a change in elevation for any membrane uplift, displacement of ballasts, fascias and sheet metal flashing's.

If you are working with a metal roof and/or siding system, inspect the surface for fastener and/or panel uplift and distortion.

Warehouse buildings that have overhead doors, should make a point to close these doors when winds increase. When opened, overhead doors can actually increase wind uplift on the roof.

Windy weather can damage a roof severely and quickly. It is important to contend to any damages as soon as possible to keep from making the damage and the situation worse. Give Alamo Roofing a call today, if you would like us to set up an appointment to have one of our experienced professionals assess the condition of your home. Let us do what we do best; save you valued time, headache and money-while extending the life of your roof and building.

Not able to make the assessment to your home or building structure? Don't put off the evaluation until the problem arises, give us a call today and we will be happy to do the assessment for you. Take the precautions needed to ensure that your roof is up to par and extend the life of your roof and protect your investment for years to come.

Call Alamo Roofing and Metal. Let us do what we do best; help you extend the life of your roof and protect your investment for years to come.

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